The Value of PTSA Membership

There is no better way to connect with other parents, students, and staff, hear about important decisions and changes in the school and participate in how we support enriching our children’s education at Highland Middle School. Your membership gives you voting privilege at our Membership meetings and voting representation for children’s advocacy at the State and Federal level. 

In addition, PTSA members receive exclusive discounts via the WA State PTA.

PTSA believes that together we can make every child’s potential a reality—but we need more believers like YOU. We need YOU to continue moving forward. Will you join us?

Get or renew your membership today! Anyone can be a member.

PTSA creates connections

Strengthen your child’s community with your membership! We use your dues, ideas, and feedback to do things like improve the school grounds and host events that create opportunities for your child. 

Connect to important school and community resources that you can use to support your child’s academic, social and emotional well-being

PTSA Supports Your Child

Our data-backed, nationally recognized programs give your child access to opportunities they might not have otherwise. We need your help to keep them going!

Help to enrich your child’s experience in school by giving them the opportunity to participate in and enjoy nationally recognized PTA programs.

PTSA Amplifies Your Voice

PTSA amplifies your voice and has over 125 years of experience in using the power of collective impact to advocate for the health, safety, and well-being of all children. 

Connect with a nationwide network of PTA advocates and a wide array of influential individuals and organizations. 

Strengthen your ability to support your child and serve all children and families. Your membership dues fund advocacy efforts that change policies and laws in our city, our state and on Capitol Hill.