We hold meetings regularly throughout the school year and we encourage everyone to attend. For a complete listing of meeting dates and times, check and subscribe to our calendar.

General Membership (GM) meetings

PTA members are the “association” and play an important part in conducting the business of Highland PTSA. By participating in association meetings, general members have the opportunity to make motions, provide input on agenda items and make collective decisions by voting on actions for a PTA.

PTA leadership and school administrators give updates on events, programs, budgets, and other issues. Parents are able to ask questions or voice any opinions/concerns. Everyone is welcome to attend, but voting is restricted to PTSA members only. No commitment or RSVP is required: just show up!

Board of Directors (BOD) meetings

The Board of Directors comprises elected officers and committee chairs. These meetings are held each month during the school year. They provide an opportunity for PTSA leaders to share ideas, provide updates and oversee the management of the PTSA. If you have any requests for the Board to consider, such as budget or policy changes, please email us.