Woot Woot  Wagon

Our dedicated educators work tirelessly to shape the future of our students, and it's high time we show them some well-deserved appreciation! 💙 PTSA is launching a WOOT WOOT WAGON for the staff lounge. 

What is a "Woot Woot Wagon" ?

The Woot Woot Wagon is a cart or wagon filled with treats and surprises for our staff and the perfect way to boost morale and say "Thank you!"

How can you help?

We need your help stocking the wagon with delicious and nutritious, individually wrapped, on-the-go snacks. 

We are open to any donations if you wish to help: 

Let's do a mix of sweet and salty (gluten-free, keto, ...). Want to contribute but running low on time or can't drop it off? Worry not! Email hello@highlandptsa.org and we will help!

Sign-up here: https://signup.com/go/jjSzrev